Windows Phone Blue screen shots with Notification Centre, other new features leaked?

by Surur - 2 years ago - @wmpoweruser

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Notifications are opened from a Live Tile New Calendar week view

According to the Verge a Reddit user have purchased a Nokia Lumia 920 from eBay which has a new build of Windows Phone, possible Blue, with a variety of new features.

The OS has a build name of (wpbldlab).20130509-1407 and is supposed to have been compiled on the 9th May.

The screen shots demonstrate features such as a notification centre, the ability to close apps from the multi-tasking screen, NFC wallets, a calendar week view and much more.

Full list of noticeably new features include:

  • Notification Centre icon and app
  • Calendar Live Tile changes
  • Calendar Week View
  • New ?paging icon and new position for search icon and app list
  • Sort App list by Name or Frequency of use.
  • New Geofencing APIs
  • Call and SMS filter (?call blocking) app.
  • New Twitter and Facebook Blue apps
  • Nokia Here Drive + Beta Blue version.
  • Wallet Integration with BNP Paribas        

There are some aspects of the screen shots which look very real, and some which looks pretty fake. 

I am however leaning to real.  See the screen shots after the break.

8985451008_f3b93302ef_o_verge_super_wide 8984091153_94494affd1_o_verge_super_wide 8984090973_9496eae3fe_o_verge_super_wide
In the app list apps can be sorted by name of frequency of use. The Geofencing apps is interesting, as this is one of the new APIs that will be available in Windows 8 Blue. The app search icon has moved, and there are what may be new paging arrows.
8984090719_bd3ed7ee38_o_verge_super_wide 8984090621_e921342f62_o_verge_super_wide 8984090461_26511577fe_o_verge_super_wide
Note the Nokia Here Drive Blue app.    
8985285378_a8292d91be_o_verge_super_wide 8985252792_472d0fe13f_o_verge_super_wide tAR7wIL_verge_super_wide
8984057403_4a52b38aea_o_verge_super_wide 8985451138_8117efbd48_o_verge_super_wide 8984057409_a1274b65a7_o_verge_super_wide
This screen shot shows a Call and SMS filter, which is hopefully a call-blocking app, which would be a welcome standard addition. This app looks Internal Use only. This screen suggests apps can be closed from the multi-tasking screen.
8985451842_5bb58d262a_o_verge_super_wide 8985289978_a94db994f1_o_verge_super_wide 8984256345_7e37f78724_o_verge_super_wide
The Notification Centre is accessed via the Live Tile next to the phone icon.   This screen shot suggests Microsoft is working with BNP Paribas to test NFC purchasing.

Is there any more features I may have missed? Let us know in the comments below.

Via The, Thanks Ferrarifan for the tip.