Windows Phone Facebook app adds another 100,000 users, around 9 million WP7 users out there?


The integrated Windows Phone 7 app has added another 100,000 users since we last reported a change, now topping out at 1 400 000 users. Using our old multiple that means around half a million Windows Phone users were added in the last 3 weeks, bringing the estimated total to around 8.5 to 9.5 million users.

The number does represent somewhat of a slow down from the last jump, but that was of course around the Christmas shopping season, and as can be seen from the graph still represents a clear acceleration from the slow and steady rate over the preceding 14 months.

Hopefully as Nokia’s handsets and increased promotions expand to more countries we will see a further positive increase in this rate over the coming weeks.

Thanks Hil for the tip.

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