Windows Phone FINALLY gets a Square-like credit card reader


The Square credit card reader plugs into the headphone socket of the iPhone and Android handsets, meaning there was absolutely no reason the accessory and service could not come to Windows Phone.

Nevertheless the company repeatedly said they were  not planning to support Windows Phone.

Now however Windows Phone users have an alternative to buying an iPod Touch – the Innerfence Credit Card Reader for Windows Phone.

The company provides the full card processing service, and only charges $25 per month and $0.24+ 1.74% to 3.79% transaction fees. Square charges 2.75% per swipe.

The app also supports signature capture and other advanced features, and also works on the iPhone, Android and Windows 8, with multiple devices being able to use the same account.

See the accessory here and read more about the service at Innerfence here.

Thanks Emile for the tip.

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