Windows Phones still being activated at the same rate as prior to WP8 summit

by Surur - 3 years ago - @wmpoweruser


Here is an important data point for Nokia investors.  There has been a great concern that their current stock would be Osborned by the lack of a Windows Phone 8 upgrade as announced on at the Windows Phone Summit on the 20th June.

Now we have a had a number of data points from Facebook activations showing that the growth of the Windows Phone population has not slowed appreciably between June and July, giving hope that Nokia will be able to maintain Windows Phone sales in Q3 2012.

  Windows Phone Facebook MAU Days between 100K increase
29/05/2012 2,000,000 14
11/06/2012 2,100,000 13
27/06/2012 2,200,000 16
11/07/2012 2,300,000 14
26/07/2012 2,400,000 15

Of course the data so far does not indicate increasing sales either, but then it does exclude the major Chinese growth market, which may provide the boost over the Q2 which the company needs to satisfy investors.