Xbox LIVE Companion App ad says the magic words–“Only on Windows Phone”

by Surur - 3 years ago - @wmpoweruser

downloadnowMicrosoft have posted this ad for the their new Xbox LIVE Companion App, and while it is pretty cool the best part comes at the end, with the 4 magic words “Only on Windows Phone”.

With comments on the YouTube video such as:

“This is why I want a windows? phone!”

“Everyday, I realize more and more why it was smart? for me to get the Windows phone 7. Its a joy to see the integration often promised. This app is just the icing.”

“I want to install windows Phone 7? on my iPhone 4S ‘:D”

these are clearly the moves Microsoft need to be making to leverage their Xbox success to drive Windows Phone 7 sales.

Microsoft have not reserved much exclusive properties for Windows Phone, choosing wide distribution over boosting their own property. I think the response to the video shows that it is now time for this to stop.

The Xbox Live Companion app can be found in Marketplace here.