Zune HD killed once again

by Surur - 3 years ago - @wmpoweruser



The saga of the Zune HD has taken another turn.  The execution of the device heralded last week when all links to the Zune HD was removed from Microsoft’s Zune website, and the above announcement, saying “we will no longer be producing Zune players”  was posted on Microsoft’s site.

There followed the removal of the notice and denials by the official Zune twitter account.

Now the notice has gone up again, and online stores shows the Zune HD is out of stock.

The writing has been on the wall for Zune hardware for some time now with the integration of much of the software in Windows Phone 7, and while no-one may have told the Zune support staff I think it is safe to write the obituary now.

Update: According to WPDownUnder Matt Akers, formerly Zune Program Manager and Zune Insider Podcast host confirmed that the Zune HD has indeed officially been discontinued.

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