Zune & WP7 at the Microsoft Store

A Microsoft Store opened up last week at one of the malls in my area, and of course I had to check it out (in the name of research, obviously).  I was interested to see how the WP7 and Zune were being displayed and marketed.  There were two separate displays of the phones, and one was Zune focused.

This video was sped up a bit, so no, it doesn’t react that quickly.

I thought you all might also like a quick video of the store overall:

There were lots of people in the store looking around, and lots of staff on hand.  Of course, this was the opening weekend, and there were also local soccer stars in the store for a promotion.  I’d like to see how the store looks on a random Wednesday morning.  Hopefully the new Microsoft retail stores will help spread the word for WP7.

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Gretchen is on her second Windows Phone, and totally digs her HD7. She’s here to help all those Zune users transition onto WP7 with minimal head banging (herself included).


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